Diploma in Design, Develop and Delivery Virtual learning, E-Learning and Blended Learning

ACT's DDDVL program provides an opportunity to explore and implement the CTPD Learning Model where you will explore and practice the skills needed to develop, design and deliver digital learning, e-learning, virtual learning, and blended learning concepts, frameworks, and best practices.

Course overview

In a fast-changing world, being updated with the latest trends is the only weapon in getting ahead in your career. Asian College of Teachers offers Diploma in Design, Develop and Delivery Virtual learning, E-Learning, and Blended Learning program (DDDVL) to help you stay ahead of others in a competitive world. The program mainly aims at making you proficient in designing e-learning environments as quality and professionalism are becoming a challenge for course designers in recent times. It is widely considered a way to ease learning experiences with an emphasis on grounded practice. The program offers a scope to explore and implement the Learning Model wherein you will discover, look into examples, and run through the skills required to develop, design, and deliver digital learning. This program covers e-learning, virtual learning, and blended learning concepts, frameworks, and best practices.

Key Information

Eligibility and Course Fee

  • Experienced professionals ready to elevate their skills and demonstrate mastery in training design, delivery, and facilitation or a minimum of two years in either Corporates, Institutions, or facilitating profession can apply for the program
  • The minimum criterion for enrolling is 10 + 2 or equivalent qualification
  • The program is reasonably priced at 18,000 INR
  • Easy installment facility available.

Teaching and Learning Modes

  • The course is available in an online mode for a duration of 8 months
  • The online course can be availed by an aspirant from any part of the world with an internet connection and computer knowledge


Phase 1: Introduction & Objective
Phase 2: Making the move to Online & Virtual Classroom
Phase 3: Prepare your learners to thrive in the Virtual Classroom
Phase 4: Selecting Technology for Virtual Training
Phase 5: Designing for Online Classroom & Online learning
Phase 6: Developing an Online Course
Phase 7: Developing Activities for Virtual Training
Phase 8: Virtual Training – Significance, Models and Preparation of Course Materials
Phase 9: Creating Visuals for Virtual Presentations
Phase 10: Delivering Virtual Presentations
Phase 11: Designing and Developing Blended Learning

Admission and Support Services

  • ACT's admission process is convenient, easy and compliant
  • You can easily opt for any online payment scheme
  • Any form of payment method can be opted by trainees (by using debit/credit card or by depositing cash, cheque, or demand draft in ACT's bank account)
  • Experienced and accomplished tutors will provide guidance throughout the program
  • Trainees may complete the course at their own pace
  • All queries can be emailed and online chatting option is available between 10am - 6pm

This course will help you in:

  • Deciding whether digital is the appropriate solution for your needs
  • Identifying and describing advantages and disadvantages of synchronous and asynchronous digital learning
  • Gaining practical experience applying the Virtual learning, E-Learning and Blended learning Design Model
  • Getting a grip on the tools and tips for future e-learning resource development
  • Exploring ways to present, structure, and sequence content that is learner-centric
  • Absorbing a variety of techniques for enhancing learning motivation and commitment in the digital learning platform.

Accreditation and Certification

  • ACT TEFL courses are accredited by the world's largest TESOL accreditation body TESOL Canada & TESOL USA.
  • All TEFL courses are accredited by International Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (QAHE)
  • TEFL Courses from ACT are also accredited by CPD Certification Service UK
  • All ACT courses are endorsed by NCC Education UK, an awarding organization and a global provider of British education

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